Каталоги актуальної літератури для дітей та дорослих

Catalogs of topical children’s and adult literature

The Ukrainian Book Institute has developed catalogs of books forchildren and adults, having been published in Ukrainian byUkrainian publishers. The catalogs include only topical and newpublications, which means that the listed books are available to order from a distributor or publisher.

Please, find catalogs here:

Catalog of Ukrainian children’s books

Catalog of Ukrainian adult literature

Use our catalogs to navigate through the market and restock yourbook collections with contemporary Ukrainian literature to be ofgreat interest to your readers.

For your convenience, please use our Catalog Usage Guide toquickly choose and order books you find interesting. The Guide also provides contacts of distributors and publishers for you to be able to order the selected books.

Please, note that catalogs are regularly updated, so you shouldfollow the latest publications and check out their availability in the catalog.