Програма підтримки перекладів 2020

Translate Ukraine – is a programme of the Ukrainian Book Institute which partly compensates the expenses of the publisher on the translation and publishing of the Ukrainian literature in foreign language.

Which literature does UBI support?

Books originally written in Ukrainian and published by the Ukrainian publishers. These can be fiction (prose, poetry, drama), non-fiction and humanities;  children's and young adults literature


Which literature UBI does not support?

  • Books not intended for general public (Help & Promotionals, Reports, Leisure books)
  • Books that have already been translated and published at particular book market


When do I need to publish a translation?

The book translation into a foreign language should be published (and the report copies should be submitted to the Institute) by November 30, 2020.


What is UBI’s amount of compensation?

Up to € 4000


What does UBI cover?

  • the rights transfer costs
  • translation costs


When will I receive the funding?

When the book is published and report submitted to the UBI. UBI will compensate costs until the end of 2020 on the basis of a contract concluded with the competition winner. 


Who may apply?

The applicant is a publisher – a legal entity operating at the territory of a foreign country. He must certify the desire and ability to publish and distribute the translation of the work at the foreign book market. 


What does the application include?

  • translator’s CV
  • a copy of a signed contract with the original copyright holder
  • a copy of a signed contract with the translator


Do I need to have valid translation contracts and copyrights at the time of application?

Yes, these contracts are an integral part of the application. 


Who can translate a book?

We support both beginners and experienced translators, but a list of translated works from the Ukrainian language or an excerpt of a text proposed for the translation will increase the chances of the project.