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About us

The Ukrainian Book Institute is a government entity, part of the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine. Its mission is to shape state policy in the area of book publishing, promote book reading in Ukraine, support book industry, provide incentives for translations and popularize Ukrainian literature abroad.

Despite the challenges of a full-scale war, we direct all our efforts to the realization of the set goals and tasks. Our steadfast commitment to the cause is based on the belief that even in turbulent times, the importance of books and culture in general cannot be underestimated. Our activity is evidence of the unchanging power of literature in the face of difficulties.

We get the world acquainted with Ukrainian literature! — 

During the war, we are doing it even more intensively, as international book fairs provide us with stands in spite of the fact that our funds envisaged for those events have been reallocated to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We actively cooperate with other cultural institutions in Ukraine and all over the world so that decision-makers of book industry could hear Ukraine and our appeals. Our foreign colleagues prevent russia from presenting its books, and they listen to us, whenever we tell them about Ukrainian publications and show great interest in our translation rights catalogs.

We help publish new books! — 

We have come to understand that so many Ukrainian children leaving homes have lost books, a part of the strongest connection with one’s home, so we have initiated the project of book publishing for refugee children abroad. We have found foreign partners, ready to fundraise, print book layouts provided by Ukrainian publishers for free and distribute books free of charge among refugee support centers where children can read and find something familiar and dear to their hearts.

We translate Ukrainian authors into foreign languages! — 

We are currently unable to support projects where expenses are needed, as all the funds are being allocated to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Although, during difficult times of war, foreign partners are on our side, encouraging a total boycott of russian books initiated by us and inviting us to their organizations. In particular, the UBI has already become a member of the ENLIT international translators’ community.

We restock public libraries! — 

We cannot spend money on books, as those funds are needed to protect our people, but we are researching catalogs of Western public libraries and looking for anti-Ukrainian books. We are calling on libraries to withdraw those books so that Ukrainian culture, literature and history could be represented by our own authors, rather than by lying russian narratives.

We research book market! — 

Despite the ongoing war, we believe in our Victory and have started to prepare. We keep abreast and gather information from publishing houses and libraries about their losses and needs, so that we could develop a strategy of the industry’s recovery and start implementing it right after the Victory.

We do our best so that you could read! —

So that you could read about Ukraine. So that people could understand us, Ukrainians, translate our books and read all over the world.

Glory to Ukraine!