The Ukrainian Digital Library

The Ukrainian Digital Library (UDL) offers contemporary and classic literary works by Ukrainian and foreign authors, including fiction, popular science, and non-fiction.

The aim of the Ukrainian Digital Library is to encourage Ukrainians to read! You can read wherever and whenever you want, as the digital library is available on smartphones.


To use the UDL you need to install a free Android application. Unregistered users can look through book descriptions and introductory extracts. To read the whole book you need to sign up, enter your e-mail address and accept the rules. Registered readers can select several books, but not more than 20 at a time and download to their devices. The selected books are downloaded to the reader’s devices and can be read off-line. These books can be read only through the UDL app. They are “invisible” for other apps, unavailable through file system and cannot be sent to other devices. To update your book list, you need to “return” the books you have read (they will be deleted from the device’s memory) and select the new ones. It is free to use the app and download books.

All the books are included in the library legally.